At V2 fit we inspire balanced, fitness lifestyles through expert programming, passionate coaching and a DIVERSE community. You'll no longer be stuck in aimless routines with fad diets and faceless members. We'll give you solid sweat sessions, loads of high fives and classes that are scaled to the goals and abilities of each and every member in a way that drives results, builds confidence and climbs fitness levels.




V2 FIT is an official, fully licensed CrossFit affiliate that applies the CrossFit principles to daily programming. Our 600 square metre facility includes 40 car parks, a designated stretch area, a cafe, showers and changerooms. offering the best, up-to-date equipment, the facility allows you to sweat out safe, efficient training with all the perks of creature comforts.


Amenities & café



Retail space 

We sell high quality, seasonal apparel such as hoodies and tanks. Not only are these comfortable and functional, designed specifically for training, but they help build our community by allowing­­ members to rep their home gym. We also offer a small selection of the supplements we think best complement your training and recovery needs.

Bathroom and showers

Our separate male and female showers make it easy for you to incorporate training into your busy, everyday, working life. Girls get the works with toiletries, a hair straightener and blow dryer. Boys get to smell nice with some hand wash, body lotion and man spray! Forgot your towel? Don't worry, we've got you covered. We also provide two unisex toilet facilities.



We've created a comfortable space for all our members to call their own. Open 6.30am to 12pm for barista made coffee, Fit Aid beverages and nutritious snacks. Whether you arrive to class a few hours early, stay back afterwards, utilise our Wi-Fi, or drive past and grab a coffee to go, this space is yours, mine and ours. 




YOU WILL FIND US AT 1277 SOUTH ROAD ST MARYS, SOUTH AUSTRALIA, 5042. We have frontage parking, street parking, and a large 40 car park out the back of our property OFF lloyd st.


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